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PerdixPro Trapping

PerdixPro Trapping is a cloud-based system for the management and record keeping of animal traps. No matter whether your project involves one trap on one site or hundreds of traps across multiple sites and years, PerdixPro Trapping provides a user-friendly way of keeping accurate and up to date records of all your trapping activities.

In addition to being used as a manual trap management and record keeping system, PerdixPro Trapping also provides a platform for users to remotely monitor their traps by either attaching a mobile (cellular) network-enabled PerdixPro Trap Tag, a PerdixPro 4G camera or both to a trap site.

Trap Management

Project Management

Go Remote

In addition to being a comprehensive trap management and record keeping system, PerdixPro Trapping can also be used  as a remote trap monitoring system as and when required. By simply attaching a registered PerdixPro Trap Tag to a trap site, you'll be able to remotely monitor your trap 24/7. If required, a PerdixPro 4G camera can also be attached to a trap site.  The remote monitoring system within PerdixPro Trapping uses various state-of-the-art technologies to ensure a reliable, robust and secure service. Key features include:

In the Field

In the Air

Bespoke Application

While the features and flexibility of PerdixPro Trapping will often surpass the needs of most trapping projects, we understand that some situations require something a little more bespoke.  For instance, you may want to collect data that isn't captured in our standard activity forms or, maybe, you need a specific management structure to be put in place.  Whatever it is, please click here to contact us with your requirements.