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PerdixPro Add-Ons Overview

PerdixPro Add-Ons further increase the features available within your PerdixPro Tools. They can be quickly and easily added whenever required via the Add-Ons page in your PerdixPro account. The plans available for each Add-on are clearly set out and are automatically added to your billing account. Want a specific Add-On for your project? If so, please let us know and we'll look into it.

SMS Alert & Command Add-On

Install the SMS Alert & Command Add-On to receive SMS alerts for activities in PerdixPro Tools. This Add-On is also used for sending commands to PerdixPro enabled cameras. SMS's can be added to your PerdixPro account as and when required.

Media Tool

Offline Image Upload Add-On

Install the Offline Upload Add-On to transfer images from your non-PerdixPro enabled camera trap SD cards, cameras or smart phones. Images are linked to your sites and stored securely in your PerdixPro account. Ideal for sharing and storing images within and across organisations and projects.

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