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Our Story & Values is a division of Perdix Wildlife Solutions Ltd., an independent company specialising in providing high quality wildlife research and management equipment. Based at Hatton Rock Business Park, near Stratford-Upon Avon  in Warwickshire, England, we provide high quality wildlife research and management supplies to government agencies, universities, wildlife research and conservation charities, private sector companies and individuals in many countries around the world.

Why buy your equipment from us?

Locally sourced


We do our research.

Whilst working full time as an applied wildlife scientist in the UK, Europe and USA, Dr. Dave Butler began to realise that a company dedicated to supplying professional and field-tested wildlife equipment was much needed. This company shouldn’t be just another buy and sell retailer, online or otherwise, it had to be underpinned by rigorous product research, field-testing and evaluation.

Works and lasts.

We only sell equipment we would use ourselves. In addition to this, we are in constant contact with wildlife professionals around the world including research scientists, ecologists, wildlife rangers, land managers and gamekeepers to ensure all the products we supply, including our own PERDIX® branded products, have been tried and tested in the field and perform to the highest standards.

Value for money.

If you’re looking for cheap stuff that may or may not work, better to look elsewhere. If however, you’re looking for wildlife equipment that works, lasts and gives value for money, welcome to PERDIX® . Paying a little extra for a quality product can save time, money and ultimately make the difference between a project being a success or failure. Working with wildlife is hard enough without your equipment failing to get the results you need.

Animal welfare.

Working with wildlife often brings welfare responsibilities.  The welfare of the animals we work with on a daily basis, whether researching them or managing them, is not a side issue and one that we must all take seriously. For our part, as your supplier, we will ensure the equipment we supply you is manufactured to meet the highest recognised animal welfare standards.

Best wishes for a successful project.

We hope this page has given you an insight into us, our experience and our values. If you do decide to buy your wildlife equipment from us, thank you, but if you don’t please visit us again soon. Either way, we wish you all the very best of luck and success in all your wildlife research, management and conservation projects.