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PERDIX Spring Trap

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The Perdix Spring Trap is an innovative British-made spring trap that sets new standards in humaneness, build-quality and longevity in the field.  It has met modern humane standards under the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS) for stoats and also for weasels, rats and grey squirrels under the UK's Spring Trap Approval Order (STAO) testing procedures.  Unlike other AIHTS traps approved for use in the UK, the Perdix Spring Trap requires NO additional internal baffles for stoats or grey squirrels.  While the whole trap is built from laser-cut and hand-welded high quality steel components, the all important trigger mechanism is constructed entirely from 316 marine grade stainless steel for consistency, accuracy and longevity.

To keep on-going costs down, all components on the Perdix Spring Trap are replaceable.

The trap is finished in our unique zinc passivate finish that turns a dull charcoal-grey after a few months in the field and offers superior corrosion resistance.

Discounts available for quantity orders, please see FAQ section below.

Please note:  A setting tool and tunnel tool are provided free of charge with orders over 50 units. If ordering lower than 50 units we STRONGLY recommend you include at least the setting tool with your order.

From the 1st April 2020, only traps that have passed testing criteria set out within the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS) can be used for trapping stoats in the UK. In response to this new requirement, PERDIX worked hard for over 4 years to develop a new trap that not only meets AIHTS standards but is also fit for purpose, safe to operate and value for money.

Following testing by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), the new PERDIX Spring Trap passed for trapping stoats (under AIHTS criteria), weasels, rats and grey squirrels (under the Spring Traps Approval Order (STAO) criteria) in January 2020.  Subsequently, the Perdix Spring Trap has now been added to the STAO's in England, Scotland and Wales.

Conditions of use
The Perdix Spring Trap must be used according the conditions of use set out in the Spring Trap Approval Orders for England, Scotland and Wales.

England and Wales

‘The trap must be set in a natural or artificial tunnel which is, in either case, suitable for the purposeʼ.


‘The trap must be set in a natural or artificial tunnel which is suitable for minimising the chances of capturing, killing or
injuring non-target species whilst not compromising the killing or taking of target speciesʼ.


What species is the Predix Spring Trap legal for?

The PERDIX Spring Trap is legal for trapping stoats (currently excluding Wales), weasels, rats and grey squirrels.

Where in the UK can I legally use the Perdix Spring Trap?

The Perdix Spring Trap can currently be used in England, Scotland and Wales.

Can it be used in a run-through tunnel?

Yes. The PERDIX Spring Trap has been passed for use in run-through tunnels 'suitable for the purpose'. No additional internal baffles are required.

What does it look like? 

The PERDIX Spring Trap consists of three primary components 1) an external structure with integrated baffles (Trap Body), 2) a trigger mechanism that can be activated via one of two actions  (Trigger) and 3) an arrangement of six high-strength impact bars (Strike bar).  The opening within the baffles is 65mm x 65mm.

What size is it?

The external body of the PERDIX Spring Trap is 130 mm long, 138 mm wide and 140 mm high. The trap has been designed so that no moving parts are required to move outside of the body dimensions when activated.

How is it set?

The strike bar is pulled back, with or without the setting tool that is available, until the automatic safety catch is engaged. The trap is then set by 'cocking' it when ready. The safety catch can then be removed before or after the trap is placed in a tunnel.

Do I need to screw the trap to a board?

No. Screw holes are present if required.

How is it activated?

The PERDIX Spring Trap is activated by an animal either standing on the treadle plate that extends along the whole length of the trap or applying downward pressure on the internal vertical trigger.

Is there a discount for large orders?

If you require large quantities of the PERDIX Spring Trap, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you with a quotation shortly.


LEGAL REFERENCES (click on links for further details):


The Spring Traps Approval (Variation) (England) Order 2021


The Spring Traps Approval (Scotland) Amendment Order 2020


The Spring Traps Approval (Variation) (Wales) Order 2021

General Licences (click on links for further details)

The Perdix Spring Trap is listed as a permitted trap on the general licences issued in England and Scotland that allow
stoats to be trapped.  We are currently awaiting the general licence in Wales to be updated and so at present stoats cannot be caught using the Perdix Spring Trap.

GL38 – Licence to trap stoats to conserve wild birds.
GL39 – Licence to trap stoats to prevent serious damage to livestock.

GL14/2021 – To use certain traps to kill stoats for the conservation of wild birds or for prevention of serious damage to


Target species
Grey squirrel, Rat, Stoat, Weasel