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Media Tool

The PerdixPro Media Tool is one of the fundamental components of our digital platform and can be used independently or as part of another tool. In addition to allowing users to receive photographs and videos remotely from their PerdixPro enabled cameras, users can map, organise and store images from both PerdixPro enabled and standard SD card (non-cellular) camera traps. Our comprehensive grouping and user role features also allows easy and secure collaborations within and between organisations.

No matter whether your project involves one camera trap on one site or hundreds of cameras across multiple sites, the PerdixPro Media Tool provides a user-friendly way of remotely receiving, organising and sorting your camera trap images.

This unique online and offline hybrid design, allows all camera trappers to take advantage of this free tool in their PerdixPro account. The use of PerdixPro enabled cameras is available through flexible plans to meet the needs of different project scenarios.

Get Started

It's quick, easy and free to get started....

Open an account

Open a free PerdixPro account & add the free Media Tool to your portal.

Download the App

Download the free PerdixPro App available from App Store or Google Play.

Purchase cameras

Purchase PerdixPro enabled cameras to start receiving images remotely.

Add & Manage your Team

Account structures

Structures designed for single users, companies, estates & farms, research organisations & universities.

Roles & permissions

Build your own project management structure. Create your own roles within your project team.

External users

Allow external users such as contractors limited access to your account when required.

Unlimited users

Add unlimited users quickly & easily from your portal.


Collaborate on camera trapping projects within & between organisations.

Add & Manage Projects

Camera areas

Create separate camera trapping areas for each of your projects.

Camera sites

Within each camera trapping area, add (and delete) as many sites as required.

GPS locations

Map the locations of each camera site via your portal or App.

Camera site identification

Upload a photo and/or write a short description for each camera trap site for future reference.

Camera site status

Change the status of each camera trap site according to current activity (active, inactive or dormant).

List & map views

Whether in the field or office, easily view the location and status of your camera trap sites.

Add site notes

Record observations and other notes at each site using our quick and easy to use form.

Inspection logs

Create geo-referenced camera inspection logs via App to prove check-status.

Add Cameras

Easy setup

Using our unique PerdixPro ID system (including QR scanner) setting up in the field is quick, easy and reliable.

Move between sites

Easily move cameras between sites. Images remain catalogued at site where they were taken.

Photos & video

Receive photos and videos with audio directly from your camera to your portal and App.

Snapshot request

Request a near-live photo or video with audio from your cameras using snapshot in your portal and App.

Camera heatlth

Camera health indicators, including signal, battery life and SD capacity, visible on portal & App.

Email & SMS alerts

Unlimited recipients can receive email and/ or SMS alerts when new images received.

GDPR features

Unique features included for GDPR compliance including auto and scheduled delete of SD card.


Tried & tested

All PerdixPro enabled cameras are tried and tested in the field for reliability.

Add your cameras

Already got your cellular cameras? Contact us for compatibility with PerdixPro.

In the Air

Strongest network connection

All PerdixPro cameras are fitted with a PerdixPro non-steered roaming sim to allow them to attach to the strongest network available.

IMEI-lock security

All PerdixPro sims have IMEI-lock to prevent unauthorised use if ever misplaced or stolen.

Secure data connection

All data are sent via a private network segment to prevent unauthorised access.

Upload images

Upload images from SD cards or other files to any site in your account. Ideal when using standard camera traps.

Secure & reliable

PerdixPro is hosted on AWS, a highly secure and reliable cloud infrastructure.

Quick and understanding service

Because PerdixPro enabled cameras use PerdixPro sims, any problems can be quickly diagnosed and fixed by our own staff.

Inventory management

Manage all your cameras and sims directly from your PerdixPro portal.

Flexible plans

Only pay for using cameras when needed. No contract subscriptions lasting from one month to 12 months.

Contact us

Contact us today for friendly advice on how the PerdixPro Media Tool can help you...


To view camera plans & pricing please select your country or region of use:


Bespoke Tools

While the features and flexibility of the PerdixPro Media Tool will surpass the needs of most camera trapping projects, we understand that some situations require something a little more bespoke. We are therefore able to create bespoke digital tools for our clients to get the most from their PerdixPro account.

Interested in using PerdixPro for your next wildlife project?

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