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DS10 Multi-Catch Grey Squirrel Trap

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The DS 10 multi-catch Grey Squirrel Trap is designed and built in the UK to the highest standards. Highly effective at capturing multi grey squirrels.

We are pleased to be the exclusive supplier of the new DS 10 multi-catch grey squirrel trap (UK Design Reg. 6306339). This clever live-capture trap was developed over several years by a game and wildlife expert. During extensive trials, it has been shown to be highly effective and efficient at catching multiple grey squirrels in various landscapes. Furthermore, the unique design minimises the potential for non-target captures and bait stealing.

Field trials have shown that very soon after the trap is deployed, grey squirrels quickly find and begin feeding from the bait hopper (tested with peanuts and whole maize). Once the operator is happy that grey squirrels are accustomed to repeatedly feeding from the hopper, the drop-treadle can be set. The trigger weight can be adjusted by sliding the magnet backwards or forwards. Grey squirrels then drop into the cage when approaching the bait hopper. Captured grey squirrels can be humanely dispatched in the cage or removed alive via the use a specially designed tunnel that attaches to the door located in the bottom corner of the cage. The trap should remain in place until captures cease.