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PERDIX VHF Tracking Transmitters - 12g Model

SKU 18249

The PERDIX Pheasant transmitter model is designed for projects where a low weight and long life VHF radio tag is required.

We do not sell our transmitters directly from our website so please contact us discuss your requirements further.

The PERDIX 12g Model VHF transmitter model is our large sized VHF radio tag for use on birds, mammals and reptiles. Starting at a weight of 12g, this model can be configured for attachment via necklace or gauze (glued). Standard battery lifespan ranges from 650 to 1100 days depending on power output and pulse spacing. The 12g model is fully encapsulated with a tough waterproof epoxy resin and comes with a mortality sensor and our ‘one-touch’ on/off magnet-activated reed switch.

Our transmitters have been designed and tested by wildlife biologists with extensive experience of radio-tracking various species around the world.

We do not sell our transmitters directly from our website so please contact us discuss your requirements further.


OOK modulated crystal Oscillator and frequency multiplier with two stage RF filter and antenna matching.

Frequency range
150, 151 & 173 MHz. Others available on request.

From 12g

Diameter: 28mm
Height: 15mm

Battery life range
650 – 1100 days

Pulse spacing
1.6 or 2.0 seconds

Power output
Dependent on battery life required.

Fully encapsulated in an inert waterproof epoxy resin.

30cm of 7/7 stainless steel cable with black nylon coating. Base reinforced by one or multiple layers of tubing.

On / Off switching by magnet. Transmitter turns on and off when touched by a magnet.

Mortality indicator
Fitted as standard with a delay of 18hrs.

Attachment methods
Standard tags can be configured for attachment via necklace using elastic or Dacron cord, gauze material for gluing. Other options available on request.