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PERDIX Stoat Cage Trap

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The PERDIX Stoat Cage Trap is designed and built to the highest standards and is certified to meet the welfare standards set out in the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS).

Remote monitoring available for this cage trap. Details below.

From 1 April 2020, trapping of stoats is only lawful under the authority of a licence issued under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. The changes mean that any trap used for stoats must be certified to meet the welfare standards set out in the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS) and approved for use against stoats in the UK.  The PERDIX Stoat Cage Trap is AIHTS approved and can be used in England for the live-capture of stoats under General Licence. In Scotland and Wales, a person wishing to live-capture stoats MUST apply for an individual licence from Nature Scot or Natural Resources Wales respectively.


Welded Seams. The seams on our stoat cage trap are welded not clipped. This produces a very strong and stable trap with no sharp edges. Sharp edges can cause unnecessary injury to captured animals.

12 Gauge weld mesh. The PERDIX Stoat Cage Trap is made from high quality 12 gauge weld mesh for maximum strength and durability.

Two Extension Springs. PERDIX's Stoat Cage Trap has two British-made stainless steel extension springs to make sure the door is closed quickly and securely every time.

Locking Bar. A locking bar keeps the door securely shut to ensure captured animals cannot escape.

Sturdy carrying handle. Correctly placed handle so that captured animals cannot bite or scratch user.

Dual Protection. Our Stoat traps are zinc plated and then powder-coated. This finish provides excellent corrosion resistance and is easily cleaned. The colour also reduces the likelihood of the trap being seen and disturbed when being used in the field.

Genuine PERDIX Product. As with all of our branded products, our stoat traps have been designed by wildlife professionals and are built in Britain.

Value for Money. Our aim is produce high quality, long-lasting and effective products that are excellent value for money.


Use the PerdixPro Trapping Tool to remotely monitor your stoat cage trap. Attach one of our trap tags to the cage and receive capture notifications via our free Portal or App. As well as detecting trap activations, the PerdixPro Trapping Tool is a feature packed trap management system that includes mapping, data recording and user management. There’s no charge to use the Portal or App, just purchase a trap tag and pay a small monthly fee when the tag is being used. Plans available from one to 12 months.



Target species

Dimensions (mm)
584 x 178 x 153

12 Gauge 25mm x 25mm

2 x Stainless steel extension springs


Zinc plated and olive drab powder-coated