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CAMBUSH 3D Trail Camera Concealment Tape

by Cambush
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251 kr
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CAMBUSH 3-D concealment tape is a fantastic way to reduce the visibility of a trail camera when deployed. Using specially selected colours and weather resistant material, CAMBUSH will make your camera blend into its surroundings and therefore much less likely to be seen by passing people and wildlife. It is really quick and easy to use and will cover the front of any trail camera. Great for concealing other equipment too!


Installs in minutes

Will not rot, fade or mildew


Blends with a variety of environments

Withstands outdoor elements

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CAMBUSH 3-D concealment tape will help your trail camera blend into its surroundings by reducing the stark and boxy lines that so often catch the eye of passing people or wildlife.  This easy to install and use 'ghillie suit' for your camera is engineered to withstand even the harshest outdoor elements and so will not fade, rot or mildew.  Because  the user simply cuts off the required lengths of CAMBUSH, it can be applied to any camera, no matter the size, shape or lens location. It’s simple to apply and remove without causing damage to your camera.  Can also be used on security cases and enclosures. Will conceal 1-2 cameras depending on size. Comes in roll lengths of 91 cm (36"). Made in the USA.

"We couldn't believe the difference CAMBUSH would make to the visibility of a trail camera until we tried it on our own cameras. Great product."


Adhesive backed

91 cm (36")