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Grey Partridge Hatching Eggs

In 2007 we began a grey partridge breeding programme to supply hatching eggs and parent-reared family coveys specifically for re-introduction projects. To date, we have supplied eggs and birds to many projects across the UK and Europe. We also continue to offer our clients advice as and when they need it. If you are thinking of starting a re-introduction project please contact us as it’s always great to have a chat about grey partridges! During the laying season (April – June) we are able to offer grey partridge hatching eggs from our breeding flock for anyone conducting a re-introduction project. Eggs are sold in 12’s up to a maximum of 60. If larger numbers are required please contact us.  Because we have a limited number of eggs available each week during the laying season, all eggs are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Please select the quantity of eggs you require and the week in which you would like them delivered. We will contact you the week before your eggs are scheduled to be delivered with an exact delivery date.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Wild Greys Re-introduction project is currently suspended. We hope to restart the project again shortly.