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Trapinator Plastic Tunnel for DoC Traps

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Designed to house the popular Doc 150 or Doc 200 Spring Trap. The tunnel trap combination offers humane kill of rodents and mustelids. It's strong, lightweight and provides easy access to remove captured animals.

Please note that the trap is not included with this tunnel.

Developed in conjunction with biologists from the Department of Conservation (DoC) in New Zealand, the 'Mustelid Tunnel' is suitable for the Doc150 or Doc200, housed in an innovative plastic tunnel. This single-entry plastic tunnel is built for ease of use, being lightweight, durable, UV stable and stackable. The hinged lid allows for easy checking, baiting, cleaning and removal of captured animals. It also features a baiting compartment at the rear of the tunnel.  In the UK this tunnel and trap can be used to humanely kill Stoats, Rats, Weasels, Grey Squirrels and American Mink. These traps are ideal for large conservation projects in remote areas.

Please note that the trap is not included with this tunnel.



Box dimensions
43 x 24 x 28 cm

Target species
Grey squirrel, Rat, Stoat, Weasel