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8mm Python Cable Lock

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The Master Lock 8mm Python Mini Cable Lock is ideal for securely locking equipment in the field, including trail cameras. The adjustable locking mechanism holds the 8mm (5/16in) x 1.8m cable tight at any length. Supplied with 2 keys.

The Master Lock 8mm Python mini cable lock has an adjustable locking mechanism that holds the cable tight at any length. The 1.8m long cable is made of 8mm (5/16in) diameter cut resistant braided steel cable with vinyl coating for protection against the weather. The aluminium lock has a 4-pin cylinder for superior pick resistance. A velcro strap holds the excess cable for compact storage when not in use. Supplied with 2 keys.

Master Lock

Cable length
1.8m (6')

Cable thickness
8mm (5/16in)

Keyed alike

Number of keys supplied