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Reconyx Trail Camera Resources


Your camera comes with an adjustable bungee cord that can be used to mount the camera to any size tree. Given the stretch of the bungee cord, you can always wedge a stick behind the camera to get the appropriate tilt for any situation. To secure the camera use a Python lock by MasterLock. The camera is designed specifically so that you can secure it snugly to a tree using a Python lock. If you need more flexibility in aiming, you can always use the RECONYX Universal Mount to fasten the camera to a tree or other solid structure. It allows you infinite flexibility in aiming the camera.Normally, we recommend you mount the camera at about chest height - where it is easy to access the card, batteries, and controls. If, however, you are concerned about the slight red glow of the illuminator spooking animals, you can mount the camera a bit higher and aim it downward. Most animals do not often look up and therefore are less likely to notice the camera if it is mounted a few feet higher. If you do this be sure to use the Walktest mode (see below) to be sure the aim is correct.

If you find your night time pictures dim over the life of the batteries, this is more than likely because you are running Alkaline batteries, which are not designed for high power devices like Reconyx infrared cameras. The illuminator in Reconyx cameras require high output batteries, and Alkaline batteries are not ideal for this. If you want a consistent illumination range over the life of your batteries, you should switch to NiMH rechargeable batteries or AA lithium batteries; we offer both types; just visit our Internal Batteries section in our store, if you'd like to improve your night time performance (and save money over time).

Learning to use the Walktest Mode is critical to be successful with your RECONYX camera. The Walktest mode allows you to precisely determine your camera's active motion detection zones - ensuring your camera is aimed exactly where you want to capture animal activity. All RECONYX cameras will self-arm from Walktest mode after a two minute period during which they do not detect motion. This makes the Walktest mode very easy to use. You can put the camera in Walktest mode, secure the cover and lock it to the tree and still make minor tweaks in the aim of the camera. When you are confident the camera is aimed properly, just walk away. It will arm itself 2 minutes later.