Securing Equipment in the Field with Camo Python Cable Locks

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Positioning equipment in the field takes time and a considerable amount of effort. There is nothing worse than coming back to survey your equipment to find it has been moved or, even worse, stolen. This completely interferes with your results and could cost you a lot of money in damaged or missing equipment.

The good news is that Camo Python Cable Locks are a great way to secure your equipment to ensure its safety. They are ideal for use with trail cameras and any other equipment you may use that require a secure, camouflaged cable lock.

High Security Cable Locks

Protecting equipment in the field is not always easy. One of the best ways to start is to make sure that your equipment is well concealed and this is where camouflaged cable locks have an added benefit, helping to conceal the cable locks from passers-by.camo python cable lock

Of course, it is not always possible to completely conceal your equipment. That is why Python Cable Locks are made of cut-resistant braided steel to act as a deterrent to people, whatever their intentions may be. The cable is coated in vinyl to help withstand the elements whatever the weather, ensuring a highly dependable product for outdoor use.

The locking cable is also adjustable, so it is always the right length for your application, ensuring maximum security. There is also a velcro strap provided to hold excess cable together when not in use.

Keyed Alike for Convenience

 When you are out in the field it is important to be as efficient as possible with your time and you certainly don’t want to have to work your way through a bunch of keys every time you come to open a cable lock.

This is why Camo Python Cable Locks are keyed alike in quantities of up to 4, meaning one single key can unlock up to 4 separate locks. There is of course always the threat of thieves attempting to pick the lock and this is why each aluminium lock has a 4-pin cylinder to ensure superior resistance against picking.

There is the opportunity to get hold of more than 4 locks that are keyed alike if you consider the Python 10mm keyed alike cable locks.

Camo Python Cable Locks Available from Perdix

Sometimes when fitting a cable lock, you can unintentionally reveal the whereabouts of your equipment by using a lock that does not blend into the surrounding environment. The Camo Python Cable Lock is a fantastic product for securing and concealing equipment.

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