Reconyx XS8 UltraFire Covert Remote Security Camera

From: £535.00 Ex. Vat

The Reconyx XS8 UltraFire remote security camera includes many features that make it ideal rural crime prevention, including anti-poaching operations and surveillance of remote buildings and machinery.


  • Build:
    • Made in USA
    • 2 year warranty
  • Illumination:
    • No glow covert IR
    • 24 m (80ft) range
  • Imagery:
    • Up to 8 MP images & 1020P HD video
    • Up to 10 minutes run time
  • Activation:
    •  30m (100ft) PIR detection range
    • Dynamic video feature
    • Advanced scheduling
  • Power:
    • 20,000 images
  • Deployment:
    • Up to 256GB memory card capacity
    • Includes adjustable bungee cord


In addition to being world leaders in digital wildlife camera technology, Reconyx also manufacture high performance remote surveillance cameras.  The XS8 UltraFire is the latest addition to their security camera range and includes many features that make it ideal rural crime prevention, including anti-poaching operations and surveillance of remote buildings and machinery.

The XS8 has 1080P HD video at 30 frames per second, including 24bit Digitally Enhanced Stereo Audio with wind noise reduction. It has 3.4, 5 and 8 megapixel image resolution options and a 2.4” color TFT display enabling a much better user interface with camera programming options as well as allowing playback of images and videos with sound directly on the camera. Micro HDMI and USB output connections allow the user to playback images and video with sound directly to their High Definition televisions or transfer data to their computer. High sensitivity Image Sensors coupled with the latest generation Covert Infrared night vision Illuminators provide exceptionally clear night time images, even at extended ranges of up to 24m (80ft). Two dedicated camera lenses, one specifically designed to provide rich daytime images and the other to provide clear night time Infrared photography without having to use a noisy mechanical Infrared cut filter. No moving parts means more reliability and totally silent operation in the field. Made in the U.S.A.!

Dynamic Video™

Save time, batteries and memory space with Dynamic Video™, exclusively on Reconyx™ UltraFire™ Cameras.

Struggling with trying to figure out what video length to set your camera at? Set it too short and the video may end just as things are getting good. Set it too long and you may end up having to sit through a video with nothing in it, just in case you might miss something. With Dynamic Video™, setting a static video length becomes a thing of the past!

Dynamic Video™ automatically pauses the video after 3 seconds of inactivity. The camera then waits for additional movement. If no further motion events occur after 27 seconds, the camera saves the video and re-arms itself. In essence, Dynamic video eliminates the “dead space” in most video sequences.

Dynamic Video™ not only saves time, it save battery power and memory space by only recording video while motion is occurring. Once the subject leaves the field of view the video stops.

Technical Details


Model series

Launch year


Primary application

Camera size (HxWxD)

12 x 9 x 7.6 cm (4.75'' x 3.5'' x 3.0'')

Weight (excluding batteries)


Housing colour



2 years

Flash type

No glow infrared LED

Flash range

24m (80ft)

Adjustable flash power


Flash on/off option


Image resolution

3.4, 5, 8 megapixels

Image detail

Colour day / Monochrome night

Frame rate

1 to 10 seconds between images

Video length

Up to 10 minutes day and night

Video quality

1080P 30fps, 720P 60fps and 720P 30fps with audio

Video length per trigger - day

Up to 10 minutes

Video length per trigger - night

Up to 10 minutes

Dynamic video


Audio on/off option


Loop recording


Image data

Time, date, temp, moon phase, camera ID

Logo on/off option


Number of lenses


Field of View

42 degrees

Mapping & image management software

MapView™ Professional with Security Scheduling

PIR detection range

30m (100ft)

Trigger speed

1 second

Photos per trigger

1, 2, 3, 5 or 10

Delay after triggering

5,15,30 sec, 1,2,3,5,15 min

Adjustable PIR sensitivity or range


Motion sensor scheduling

Hours of day and days of week (weekday & weekend scheduling)

Time-Lapse intervals

5,15,30 sec, 1,5,15,30 min, 1 hour

Time-Lapse scheduling

Hours of day and days of week (weekday & weekend scheduling).

Battery quantity / size

12 AA

Battery type

Lithium, NiMH rechargeable

Battery life

Up to 20,000 images

Battery housing


External power jack

Optional extra



Memory card capacity

Up to 256 GB

Memory card type


Viewing screen size

2.4" Colour screen

PIR test


PIN / Password protection


Python cable compatible


Security case available


Mounting options included

Standard thread + adjustable bungee cord

Operating temperature

-28° to 48° C (-20° to 120° F)


Product Instructions Manual

For further information, please click on this link to download the Reconyx XS8 ULTRAFIRE Security instructions manual.

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