Reconyx MS8 MicroFire Security WIFI Camera

£455.00 Ex. Vat

The new Reconyx™ MS8 MicroFire is revolutionary in the world of remote wildlife and security cameras.  Using any local WIFI network, the MS8 MicroFire is then controlled securely using a Smartphone or Tablet via the Reconyx App. The cylindrical design also greatly reduces the camera’s profile allowing it to blend in to its surroundings. Case colour available in camo or grey.  Five year manufacturers warranty. Worldwide delivery available.

Comes with a free 32GB Micro SanDisk Ultra SDHC Memory Card. 



The Reconyx™ MS8 MicroFire is ground-breaking in the world of remote wildlife and security cameras.  Using WIFI, the MS8 MicroFire is controlled securely from a Smartphone or Tablet via a free Mobile App for Android or iOS devices (certain restrictions apply). The MS8 Microfire can connect to any local Wifi network and send photos to your electronic device, therefore no need for a pay as you go or a phone contract to operate the camera. The cameras status, change settings options and download images are all controlled using the Recoynx App from any location with an internet service, up to 30m (100 ft) away. The high performance of the Reconyx™ MS8  results in a detection speed that can trigger in 0.22 seconds and recover in under 2 seconds in picture mode.

The remote control allows the camera to be mounted in less accessible places such as high up in trees or on the sides of buildings. The cylindrical design reduces the camera’s profile and therefore reduces the potential to be seen, with an overall size of approximately 5cm (2″) in diameter and only 12.5cm (5″) long. The MS8 MicroFire Camera comes with a Universal Camera Mount allowing the MS8 to be rotated and aimed in almost any direction. Available in camo or grey casing. Made in the USA.


Product feature summary

  • Wifi enabled image transfer up to 30m (100 feet).
  • GEN2 NoGlow Covert Infrared Illumination up to 15m (50 feet)
  • 0.2 Second Trigger Speed.
  • Universal Camera Mount included.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • 720P HD Video with Audio.
  • External Power Connection included.
  • Operating Temperature -28° to 48° C (-20 to 120 Fahrenheit).
  • Reconyx Mobile App (download from app stores)
    * iOS version 9.0 and higher
    * Android version 4.4 (KitKat) and higher
    * Android devices must have Bluetooth Smart / BLE.

Technical Details



Model series


Primary application

Security & Surveillance


Approx. 5cm x 12.5cm (2" x 5")

Image resolution

3 megapixels


720P HD Video with Audio

Video length

5 – 90 seconds

Image detail

Color by Day, Monochrome Infrared by Night

Image data

Time, date, temperature & moon phase

Mapping & image management software

Reconyx Mobile App (iOS & Android)


GEN2 Covert Infrared

Infrared flash range

up to 15m (50ft)

Trigger speed

0.2 second

RapidFire™ Near Video Speed

Up to 2 frames per second

Frame rate

RapidFire™ 1 – 10 seconds between images

Photos per trigger

1 – 10 images per trigger

Delay after triggering

0 – 15 minute(s)

Motion sensor scheduling

Hours of Day and Days of week (Weekday & Weekend scheduling)

Time-lapse surveillance


Time-lapse scheduling

Hours of Day and Days of week (Weekday & Weekend scheduling)

Camera Settings

All setting are programmable through Mobile App

Security Feature Set Upgrade

Included (Loop Recording, TimeLapse Scheduling, Logo On/Off, Motion Sensor Scheduling, Audio On/Off, Status Lights On/Off)

Memory card type

Micro SD

Memory card capacity


Theft deterrence

CodeLoc™ Pass-Code Protection

Battery requirements

6 AA NiMH rechargeable or 1.5 volt lithium only

Battery life

Up to 20,000 images

External Power Connection

External power jack and 6ft cable included

Manufacturers warranty

5 years from date of purchase



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