PERDIX Standard Ground Anchor

From: £2.45 Ex. Vat

The PERDIX Standard Ground Anchor is a very strong and secure anchoring system. It is also very easy to install using the PERDIX Retrievable Ground Anchor Driver. Supplied with or without 455mm (18″) 2.5mm galvanised cable. Bright zinc plated. Made in UK.



The PERDIX Standard Ground Anchor has been designed to be a very strong and secure anchoring system but also very easy to install and retrieve.  Using the PERDIX Ground Anchor Driver,  the anchor is quickly inserted into the ground.  Once in place just remove the driver and pull the wire on the ground anchor. This will rotate the anchor in the soil and lock it into place. Attach your equipment to the loop on this wire. The ground anchor is fitted with two 2.5mm galvanised 7/7 looped cables. Both cables are 455mm (18″) long.  PERDIX Standard Ground Anchors are also available without cable attached. All crimps are hydraulically swaged using aluminium ferrules. Bright Zinc Plated. Designed, tested and made in the UK.

Technical Details


Anchor material

Mild steel

Anchor length

78mm (3.1")

Anchor internal diameter


Anchor external diameter


Cable type

2.5mm galvanised 7×7

Cable length

455mm (18")


Hydraulically swaged aluminium ferrules


With cables: 70g
Without cables: 55g

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