PERDIX Mink Trap (Cage)

£30.00 Ex. Vat (£36.00 Inc. Vat)

The PERDIX mink cage trap is designed and built for trapping American mink in any environment. Includes many features to make it the trap-choice of professionals. The mink trap is designed to be used on or off our mink raft.

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The PERDIX Mink cage trap is designed and built to the highest standards to trap American mink in any environment. Our mink traps are built using 12 gauge plating standard weld mesh for maximum durability and strength.  To ensure our traps no sharp edges that could cause unnecessary injury to captured animals, our mink traps have smooth welded seems. Beware of cheap traps that use mesh clips to hold them together.  Because mink are strong animals, the PERDIX mink trap uses a welded locking bar that is powered by two stainless steel extension springs. This system ensures the door is closed quickly and securely every time. To minimise the possibility of otter captures, our mink traps come with a welded otter guard to the size recommended by the Game & Wildlife Conservation trust (GWCT) as standard. Because mink traps are often used in harsh environments, the PERDIX Mink trap is zinc plated AND olive drab powder-coated. The finished colour also reduces the chances of a trap being seen or disturbed when being used in the field.  The PERDIX Mink cage trap offers excellent value for money.

Designed to be used on or off our mink raft.

Technical Details


Target species

Dimensions (mm)

590 x 180 x 153


12 gauge 25mm x 25mm


2 x stainless steel extension springs


Drab Olive powder-coated over bright zinc plating

Weight (kg)


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