PERDIX Mink Raft

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Developed in conjunction with wildlife managers and biologists, including the GWCT, the PERDIX mink raft is made from a unique combination of recycled plastic sheets and sustainably sourced wood to give many years of use. The PERDIX mink raft is available to purchase with or without a tracking kit.

Key features of our rafts:

  • Recycled plastic sheets provide secure and long lasting base.
  • Strong and stable treated wooden tunnel. Large visiting animals will walkover tunnels and could damage flimsy plastic tunnels.
  • Wooden tunnels provide a more ‘natural’ tunnel material. Black plastic can warp and become hot in sun.
  • Hinged and lockable viewing hatch in tunnel.
  • Tunnel can be easily removed for storage.
  • Two strong tethering points.
  • Supplied in kit form with easy to follow instructions.
  • Designed and used by wildlife professionals including the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust.

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Developed in conjunction with wildlife managers and biologists, the PERDIX mink raft is made from a unique combination of recycled plastic sheets and sustainably sourced wood. While the plastic sheets used to form the platform provide excellent resistance to damage while in use, the wooden tunnel keeps weight to a minimum and gives a very stable and secure structure for whatever decides to visit your raft. Incorporated in the tunnel is a lockable viewing hatch to allow for very quick and easy checking of the tracking cartridge. When in trapping mode, two ‘locking’ screws in the hatch lid prevent the cage trap from being removed or falling out of the tunnel when set. All wooden components are protected using a 100% non-toxic and aquatic safe water-based green paint. The platform is held together using very strong UV stable cable ties and therefore no fixings protrude from the underside of the raft that could snag on weed etc. To protect the raft on fast flowing or flood prone rivers, we have kept the platform to GWCT recommended dimensions of 60cm x 120cm for maximum buoyancy and incorporated two industrial strength stainless steel tethering rings. The internal dimensions of the tunnel are designed for the Perdix mink trap (not included) but is also suitable for other makes.

The tunnel is supplied as a flat pack with all required fixings for quick and easy assembly.

Mink rafts can be supplied with or without a kit for making a tracking cartridge. The tracking kit includes all that you will need to make a tracking cartridge. This includes: 1kg of Buff stoneware clay, 500 grams of kiln-dried sand, a 25cm plastic basket and a 230 x 110 x 80mm block of floral foam.

Technical Details


Target species

Weight (assembled)


Raft dimensions

Width: 120cm
Length: 60cm
Depth: 6cm

Raft materials

Polystyrene sandwiched between recycled 6mm plastic sheets

Tunnel materials

18mm plywood protected with aquatic-safe paint

Tunnel dimensions (internal)

Width: 205 mm
Height: 180 mm
Length: 660 mm

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