PERDIX Game Bird Feeder.

The PERDIX Game Bird Feeder allows food to be easily and efficiently provided to game birds during winter and spring to improve survival and breeding success on farmland. Made in the UK.

This item is specifically designed for game birds, if your requirements are for feeding wild farmland birds, please click here for our Farmland Bird Feeder.

How many ports you would like your feeder to have? The 6 port option cannot be used with a post mount.

PERDIX Feeder Post Mount

This post mount has been specifically designed to allow the PERDIX Farmland Bird Feeder or the PERDIX Game Bird Feeder to be quickly, easily and securely attach to any fence post or tree. Not suitable for a 6 port feeder. Made in UK.

PERDIX Game Bird Feeder Stand

Constructed from olive drab electroplated 3mm steel, the PERDIX Game Bird Feeder stand has been design to be extremely stable, durable and very easy to use. Made in the UK.

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Feeding farmland wild game birds during the winter and spring is extremely important on modern agricultural landscapes. Research has shown that survival and breeding success of game birds is considerably increased on areas where grain is supplied. While hopper feeders are often used to provide grain to game birds on farms, current designs often make this important job much harder than it should be. Through our grey partridge re-introduction work, we, like many farmers, gamekeepers and other land managers, became increasingly tired of the many problems associated with poorly designed and built feeders. We therefore developed a game bird feeder that made feeding wild game birds more economically and effectively. The key features of the PERDIX Game Bird Feeder are:


Reduces usage by pests

Feeders can attract many unwanted visitors. Woodpigeons, jackdaws, rooks, crows, rats, grey squirrels, badgers and deer can eat large quantities of grain, tip over and break feeders, spread disease and parasites and prevent smaller birds from using feeders. While no feeder can totally prevent use by pests (without also hampering the feeding of target species),  the feed-access points on the PERDIX Game Bird Feeder are too small for deer and badgers to feed from. In addition, the PERDIX Game Bird Feeder is difficult to tip over when it is hung, used in the stand or on the post mount.

Helps control diseases & parasites

Diseases and parasites can quickly build-up and spread among birds at well used feeding sites, both in captivity and in the wild. The PERDIX Game Bird Feeder has a number of features that can help reduce this problem.

  • Because birds using the PERDIX Game Bird Feeder take their grain directly from the feeder, less food comes into contact with soil or vegetation that may have have been contaminated by the droppings of other birds carrying diseases or parasites.
  • Use of the PERDIX Game Bird Feeder by pest birds and mammals is restricted and therefore prevents them from contaminating the feed in the feeder or spilling it onto the ground.
  • The PERDIX Game Bird Feeder is very easy to move using the heavy duty handle, especially when used in the specially designed stand. Moving feeders regularly prevents disease and parasite build-up around the feeding site.
  • The PERDIX Game Bird Feeder can be completely dismantled to allow all components to be easily and thoroughly disinfected when not in use. The feeders can then be stacked for easy storage.

Suitable for rearing fields & farmland habitat

As part of our Grey Partridge re-introduction work we set out to develop a feeder that would be able to feed our birds on the rearing field and in the wild. On our rearing field, the PERDIX  Game Bird Feeder has worked far better than we had anticipated – we now feed our grey partridges with it from 5 days old! Because the chicks are unable to scratch, walkover or generally contaminate the crumbs or pellets, the food stays clean, dry and in the feeder not on the floor! Waste and, therefore, feed cost, have been reduced.  An additional advantage of using the same feeder before and after release, is that your birds are already familiar with with design and can therefore feed quickly and easily and return to cover. An important consideration in terms of reducing loss from predators.

Mounting options

The PERDIX Game Bird Feeder can be used in many ways.  It can simply be placed on the floor or hung from a post or tree using the heavy duty handle. Alternatively, the feeder can be placed in our specially designed stand (recommended for use in pens) or mounted on a fence post or tree using the post mount. The post mount provides a very economical and flexible method for farms and estates that deploy high numbers of feeders.


The PERDIX Game Bird Feeder has been designed to be easily moved. Whether using it on the floor, in the stand, mounted on a post or hung in a tree, the feeder can be moved in seconds, whether it is full of grain or not. Moving feeders regularly reduces the build-up of pests such as rats, and also parasites and diseases in the surrounding ground.

Long lasting

The hopper is made of heavy duty UV stable plastic with a tight self-sealing lid. Whether being used on a rearing field or along a hedgerow, it will easily stand-up to years of work and the British weather!   If, however, a part is lost or broken, don’t worry, as all parts on the feeder and its accessories are replaceable to keep on-going costs to a minimum.

Not an eye-sore

It’s green! Unlike other feeders the PERDIX Game Bird Feeder looks like it belongs in countryside and not on an industrial estate. Unattractive feeders can cause an eye-sore in the British countryside and attract unwanted attention.

Technical Details



Material of feeder

UV stable heavy duty plastic with galvanised steel handle

Port material

Zinc alloy

Bolt material & finish

Zinc plated steel

Bolt length


Feeder Size

37cm diameter x 38.5cm high. Includes lid, excludes any attachments

PERDIX Feeder Post Mount



3mm steel plate


Olive drab electroplated

PERDIX Game Bird Feeder Stand



3mm plate steel


Olive drab electroplated


5 x 16mm (0.6") zinc plated steel


Assembly Instructions

Click here for our Farmland/Game Bird Feeder instruction sheet.

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