PERDIX Farmland Bird Feeder

Due to the importance of feeding farmland birds during the winter and spring, PERDIX has been developing a new farmland bird feeder system to efficiently provide food during the ‘hungry gap’. Available with 3 or 5 ports and with or without a post mount. Made in the UK.


PERDIX Feeder Post Mount

This post mount has been specifically designed to allow the PERDIX Farmland Bird Feeder or the PERDIX Game Bird Feeder to be quickly, easily and securely attach to any fence post or tree. Made in the UK.

PERDIX Farmland Feeder Cone

Our aluminium feeder cone is designed to easily fit at the base of the PERDIX Farmland Feeder to improve the flow of grains and seeds to the outer edges of the feeder.

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Feeding farmland birds during the winter and spring is extremely important on modern agricultural landscapes where food availability can be low during the late winter and early spring period. This is often termed the ‘hungry gap’. Research has shown that survival and breeding success of birds is increased on areas where grain is supplied. As such, supplemental feeding is now promoted as a management prescription through the Environmental Stewardship Scheme in England. While hopper feeders are often used to provide grain to farmland birds, current designs often make this important job much harder than it should be. We therefore set out to develop a farmland bird feeder that made feeding farmland birds easier, more economical and effective.  The key features of the PERDIX Farmland Bird Feeder are:

Suitable for many different bird

When feeding, some farmland birds prefer standing on the ground, others prefer perching.  The PERDIX Farmland Feeder has been designed to feed both. The fixings can be easily set to act as perches below each feeding port and the height of the feeder from the ground can be adjusted easily using the Post Mount . Because different birds prefer different grains or seeds, the feeding ports have been designed to allow a wide variety of food types to be fed, either as a straight or as a mixture such as those allowed through Natural England’s stewardship scheme.

Reduces usage by pests

Feeders can attract many unwanted visitors. Woodpigeons, jackdaws, rooks, crows, rats, grey squirrels, badgers and deer can eat large quantities of grain, tip over and break feeders, spread disease and parasites and prevent smaller birds from using feeders. While no feeder can totally prevent use by pests (without also hampering the feeding of target species), the PERDIX Farmland Feeder has many features designed to dramatically reduce this problem.

  • The feed-access points are too small for deer and badgers to feed from. In addition, the PERDIX Farmland Feeder is difficult to tip over when it is on the post mount.
  • The PERDIX Farmland Feeder can be hung at a height that prevents many pests accessing the grain. This option is ideal when feeding is primarily done for small perching birds.


Mounting options

The PERDIX Farmland Feeder can be used in many ways.  It can simply be placed on the floor or hung from a post or tree using the heavy duty handle. Alternatively, the feeder can be mounted on a post or tree using the post mount. The post mount provides a very economical and flexible method for farms and estates that deploy high numbers of feeders.


The PERDIX Farmland Feeder has been designed to be easily moved whether it is full of feed or not. Moving feeders regularly reduces the build-up of pests such as rats, and also parasites and diseases in the surrounding ground.

Long lasting

The hopper is made of heavy duty UV stable plastic with a tight self-sealing lid. Whether being used on a rearing field or along a hedgerow, it will easily stand-up to years of work and the British weather!   If, however, a part is lost or broken, don’t worry, as all parts on the feeder and its accessories are replaceable to keep on-going costs to a minimum.

Not an eye-sore

It’s green! Unlike other feeders the PERDIX Farmland Feeder looks like it belongs in countryside. Unattractive feeders can cause an eye-sore in the British countryside and attract unwanted attention.


Technical Details




Material of feeder

UV stable heavy duty plastic with galvanised steel handle

Number of ports

3, 5

Port material

Zinc alloy

Bolt material & finish

Zinc plated steel

Bolt length

50mm (2")

Feeder Size

37cm diameter x 38.5cm high. Includes lid, excludes any attachments.

PERDIX Feeder Post Mount



3mm steel plate


Olive drab electroplated

PERDIX Farmland Feeder Cone







Assembly Instructions

Click here for our Farmland/Game Bird Feeder instruction sheet.

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