Modified Victor Rat Trap

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This Victor easy-set rat trap comes ready to use with the plastic modifications designed and tested by biologists in New Zealand to further improve the effectiveness and humane performance.

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The modifications for the standard Victor Easy-Set Rat Trap were designed and tested by Landcare Research to further improve the effectiveness and humane performance of these traps for killing rats and stoats in New Zealand. By replacing the treadle plate with a pull trigger and adding a plastic shroud to direct and align the approach by animals to the front of the trap, these modified traps passed National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) requirements in New Zealand.  From these results, published here,  Pest Control Research began manufacturing these modifications to easily fit and use on Victor Easy-Set Rat Traps.

The modified Victor rat trap comes with all modifications fitted so that the trap is ready to use. When using this trap we recommend using the long lasting rodent lure that can be easily applied to the trigger.

In the UK these traps can only be used for trapping rats.

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Guide to modifying and using the Victor Easy-Set Rat Trap by Landcare Research, New Zealand.

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