KORO Rodent Trap

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The KORO Rodent Spring Trap is a very powerful and versatile trap for killing rats and weasels humanely.

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The KORO Rodent Spring Trap is a very powerful and versatile trap for killing rats and weasels humanely. By being designed as a baited-trap, the target animal is positioned so that the strike bar hits the head or upper neck producing a quick and humane kill. The KORO Rodent is a very compact trap (100 (l) x 90(w) x 105 mm (h)) but has a powerful torsion spring that produces very high strike and clamping forces. Bait can either be presented on the trigger pan or mounted on the bait spike at the back of the pan. The bait spike can be easily clipped off if not required. The trap frame is constructed from welded 5mm diameter steel rod. A safety catch allows for easy and safe setting.  The trap is finished with olive drab zinc electroplating.

These traps are very powerful and should only be handled by professionals experienced in setting spring traps. We highly recommend that these traps are set in PERDIX trapping tunnels when in use.  

Conditions of use:

When using the trap in UK, ‘The trap must be so positioned that animals can only enter it from the front, and set within an artificial blind tunnel which is suitable for the purpose. (The front is the side from which the letters KORO can be read face-on and the correct way up.) 

Technical Details


Target species



Length: 100mm
Width: 90mm
Height: 105mm

Material & Finish

Zinc plated steel

Relevant legislation

The Spring Traps Approval (England) Order 2018

Spring Traps Approval (Wales) Order 2019

The Spring Traps Approval (Scotland) Amendment Order 2018



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