Extra Large Noose Ketch-All Pole

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The Extra Large Noose Ketch-All Pole is ideal for or times when additional noose size comes in handy. Very easy to use with maximum protection for handler and animal.

The Ketch-All pole is famous for its versatility.

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The Ketch-All pole was designed by Ketch-All Company and is used by animal control professionals and other animal handlers throughout the world.

The 1.5 m (5 ft) Ketch-All pole with a 2 m (80″) circumference noose, is constructed from aircraft grade aluminium and designed for the humane handling of larger animals. As with all Ketch-All equipment it provides maximum protection to the handler while humanely controlling an animal.  Please note that the noose will not cinch all the way down as with other Ketch-All poles. The noose will only close to 28 cm (11″) in diameter.  As with standard Ketch-All poles, the extra large noose pole incorporates a swivel head mechanism. Made in the USA.


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