Ketch-All Aluminium Animal Control Pole

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The Ketch-All Dog Control Pole is ideal for capture and rescue of domestic and wild animals. Very easy to use with maximum protection for handler and animal.


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The Ketch-All Dog Control Pole is a patented, high quality-constructed device, designed for the humane handling of domestic dogs and wild mammals while giving maximum protection to the handler. Made in the USA from aircraft grade aluminium. While the standard 3′ (90cm), 4′ (120 cm) and 5’ (150 cm) poles are the most popular models for general use, the extendable models (4’ to 6’ (120-180 cm)  or (7’ to 12’ (210-360 cm) are ideal when various lengths may be required for different animals or for rescuing animals from water or trees. The 28″ (70cm) Baton is designed for controlling smaller animals. Made in USA.

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