Ground Anchors

PERDIX stocks a variety of ground anchors suitable for different soil types, applications and security requirements. The holding power of a ground anchor is primarily determined by its design and the soil type that is being used in. For instance, a ground anchor spiral in sandy soil will hold much less than when used in clay. Please see our guide below to selecting an appropriate ground anchor for your wildlife project. An additional consideration is security. Obviously non-retrievable ground anchors such as PERDIX ground anchor stake will always be more tamper proof than those that are designed to be removed more easily such as the spiral ground anchor. We also stock a range of ground anchor fixings and tethering cables to suit any project.  If you requirement further help in selecting a suitable ground anchor or related equipment for your project please contact us.

A guide to ground anchor suitability for different soil types when used for wildlife applications.

Anchor Landscape
  Grassland / Arable Fields Moorland Wetland Woodland
Sandy Loam Clay Stony
Spiral + ++ +++ X + ++ X
Stake ++ ++ +++ ++ ++ + +++
Spear ++ +++ +++ ++ ++ ++ ++

Low (+), Medium (++), High (+++), Not Suitable (X)

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