Cable Restraints

Our cable restraints are designed to effectively catch and hold foxes and other Canids uninjured. They are the commercial version of the breakaway snare developed by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust through many years of research and development in the UK. Further details of this research can be found published in the Wildlife Society Bulletin.  Our cable restraints are used by Gamekeepers and Wildlife Reserve Managers for the control of foxes for the protection of gamebirds, waders and other ground nesting birds.  We also supply our cable restraints to wildlife scientists for capturing foxes to fit them with tracking collars to study their behaviour and ecology. Data from these studies confirm that foxes are unharmed and show normal behaviour after release.  To ensure our cable restraints perform to the highest welfare standards all components are tested for strength and durability and all crimps are hydraulically swaged. All PERDIX cable restraints incorporate a breakaway clip that allows larger non-target animals to break free. We have supplied bespoke cable restraints for different species around the world and so please contact us if you require something specialised for your project.

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