Quail, particularly the Northern Bobwhite, Colinus virginianus, are popular sporting game birds in the United States. On the plantations of northern Florida and southern Georgia, intensive habitat management combined with supplemental feeding and other prescriptions provide a harvestable surplus of birds during the hunting season. This provides considerable economic benefits to the region. Working alongside plantation managers, scientists at Tall Timbers Research Station and other gamebird research facilities in the southeastern United States are conducting pioneering work to discover what drives populations of northern bobwhite and how this can be translated to practical management prescriptions.

Due to the similarities in the life-cycles of grey partridge and northern bobwhite, PERDIX takes a keen interest in the latest science on northern bobwhite quail. Whether it is our quail radio-tracking transmitters being used in research projects or our feeders providing supplemental food, we are always keen to work with quail biologists and managers to make sure their projects are a success.

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