Magpie & Crow

Magpies, Pica pica,  & Carrion Crows, Corvus corone,  are members of the Corvid family which also includes Jays, Jackdaws and Ravens.  Both magpies and crows are omnivorous, eating insects, particularly beetles, carrion, eggs and nestlings and other chicks. To conserve fauna and flora in the UK, magpies and crows may be controlled under an annual general licence issued under the Wildlife & Countryside Act (1981).  Because both species are major game bird and other farmland bird egg and chick predators, landowners, game keepers and other wildlife managers effectively control these species using Larsen Traps during the spring and early summer.

PERDIX, in conjunction with the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, designed a range of effective Larsen Traps for catching magpies and crows with or without a decoy bird. We offer catching cages that are side-entry only (for crows), top-entry only (for magpies) and a combination trap with both a side and top-entry compartment (for where both crows and magpies are present). We also supply Larsen Decoy cages complete with shelter, perch, drinker and feeder – all the requirements for their legal use. If you are not using a decoy bird, our dummy plastic eggs are ideal for tempting a crow or magpie into a trap.

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