The Red Fox, Vulpes vulpes, is a member of the Canid family that also includes domestic Dogs, Coyotes, Jackals and Wolves. Foxes are native to the UK and are widespread in the British countryside. Due to their adaptable nature and varied diet, foxes are now also common in many towns and cities. While the diet of a red fox is very varied and can include insects, fruit, small mammals, carrion and human-food waste, they are also predators of livestock (lambs, chickens and waterfowl), game birds (partridges, grouse and pheasants) and other wildlife, including threatened species such as the curlew. Ground nesting birds are particularly vulnerable to fox predation during the breeding season. For this reason many game keepers and other wildlife managers will run an effective fox control programme at this time of the year.

PERDIX stocks a range of products for the effective management of foxes and other Canids such as Coyotes and Jackals.  Our breakaway DB snare, for instance, is proven to be highly effective cable restraint for the humane capture of foxes (variants for Coyotes and Jackals are available on request) and is fully compliant with the current codes of practice for using snares in England, Wales and Scotland. Other equipment that may also be useful includes, animal control polesground anchorssnare user ID tags and trail cameras.

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