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Our Trail Camera and Camera Trap Finder has been designed to help you quickly and easily find the perfect camera for your project. To use our Trail Camera  / Camera Trap finder simply scroll down and select the technical specifications that you require. The more specifications you select, the more focused your search will be. The Finder will automatically search for matching cameras each time a technical specification is selected. Once you are happy click ‘Show Results’ to see the cameras. Click ‘Clear Filters’ to start a new search.

Our Trail Camera and Camera Trap Finder can also be used to view all of the technical specifications of a particular camera. Just select a camera trap your are interested in the Quick Search section and the technical details will be available to view in each field below.

If you are still unsure which Trail Camera or Camera Trap is best for you, please contact one of our experts via our dedicated Trail Camera/Camera Trap Camera Trap Selection Help form.

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  • Brand

  • Model series

  • Launch year

  • Camera size

  • Weight (excluding batteries)

  • Housing colour

  • Warranty length


  • Flash type

  • Flash range

  • Adjustable flash power

  • Flash on/off option


  • Image resolution

  • Image detail

  • Adjustable frame rate

  • Quick multi-shot photos

  • Video quality

  • Video length – day

  • Video length – night

  • PIR video management

  • Audio on/off option

  • Loop recording

  • Number of lenses

  • Field of View

  • Photo file format

  • Video file format

  • Image management software


  • PIR detection range

  • Trigger speed

  • Photos per trigger

  • Adjustable PIR sensitivity

  • PIR sensor scheduling

  • Time-lapse intervals

  • Time-lapse scheduling

  • Start delay


  • Battery quantity / size

  • Battery type

  • Battery life

  • Battery housing

  • External power jack


  • Connectivity

  • Memory card capacity

  • Memory card type

  • Viewing screen size

  • PIR test

  • PIN / Password protection

  • Python cable compatibile

  • Security case available

  • Mounting options available

  • Operating environment

Showing all 31 results

Showing all 31 results