Key Features of PerdixPro Trapping

Trapping areas
Create separate trapping areas for each of your trapping projects. Each area can be categorised into one of eight trapping scenarios for easy reference.
Trap sites
Within each trapping area, add (and delete) as many trap sites as required.
GPS locations
Record the GPS location of each trap site via your smart device.
Trap site identification
Upload a photo and/or write a short description for each trap site for future reference.
Trap site status
Change the status of each trap site according to current activity (active, inactive or dormant).
List & map views
Whether in the field or office, easily view the location and status of your trap sites on a satellite imagery map or in a clear and simple list.
Site activity forms
Record trapping activity at each site using our quick and easy to use forms.
Simple & intuitive interface
Designed for quick and easy use in both the field and office. Renders on smart phones, tablets and laptops.

 User hierarchy
Build your own project management structure using account user and manager roles.
Account oversight
Account managers can oversee all activities across an account. Account users only see their allocated trapping areas.
Reassign areas
Account managers can move trapping areas between users as and when required.
Unlimited users
Increase the number of account managers and/ or users on your account as your project/s grow.
Data collection & storage
Collect and store all of your trapping data in one easy to use database.
Secure & reliable
PerdixPro Trapping is hosted on a highly secure and reliable cloud infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Go Remote!

In addition to being a comprehensive trap management and record keeping system, PerdixPro Trapping can also be used  as a remote trap monitoring system as and when required. By simply attaching a registered PerdixPro Trap Tag to a trap site, you’ll be able to remotely monitor your trap 24/7. If required, a PerdixPro 4G camera can also be attached to a trap site.  The remote monitoring system within PerdixPro Trapping uses various state-of-the-art technologies to ensure a reliable, robust and secure service. Key features include:

Easy setup
Through a combination of our unique PerdixPro ID system and easy to use trap tags, setting up in the field is quick, easy and reliable.
Easy attachment
PerdixPro trap tags can be easily attached to a wide variety of commonly used traps and trap-housing.
Latest cellular technology
PerdixPro trap tags use the latest cellular technology with high performance integrated antennas to maximise connectivity in the field.
Immediate response
PerdixPro trap tags are programmed to immediately alert users whenever an animal is caught.
Offline warning
Twice-daily health-status messages and automatic emails ensure a user is notified if a trap tag goes offline and requires assistance.
GPS enabled
Trap tags are GPS enabled to ensure accurate and up to date information on trap locations.
Trap interference detection
PerdixPro traps tags detect and prevent unwanted trap interference by automatically taking GPS locations whenever they are moved.
Minimum maintenance
With a battery life of over 2.5 years*, PerdixPro trap tags are designed to be virtually maintenance-free.
Rugged design
With an extremely tough IP67 rated casing and electronics that can operate in temperatures between -20°C to +60°C, PerdixPro trap tags are designed for years of hard work in the field.
Strongest network connection
All PerdixPro trap tags are fitted with a PerdixPro non-steered roaming sim to allow them to attach to the strongest network available.
IMEI-lock security
All PerdixPro sims have IMEI-lock to prevent unauthorised use if ever misplaced or stolen.
Secure data connection
All data are sent via a private network segment to prevent unauthorised access.
Quick and understanding service
Because PerdixPro Trapping uses PerdixPro sims, any problems can be quickly diagnosed and fixed by our own staff. No long calls to large call centres trying to explain the application and problem.
Multiple alert options
PerdixPro Trapping  has various internal and external notification options to ensure a user never misses a capture-alert when using remote monitoring.
No hidden costs
All data costs are included in the monthly fee for using a PerdixPro trap tag.

While the features and flexibility of PerdixPro Trapping will often surpass needs of most trapping projects, we understand that some situations require something a little more bespoke.  For instance, you may want to collect data that isn’t captured in our standard activity forms or, maybe, you need a specific management structure to be put in place.  Whatever it is, please contact us using the form below with your requirements.

For more information about PerdixPro Trapping and how we could help your specific projects please fill in the form below.

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