Pesola Scales Prove Their Worth in Habitat Study

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Helping a customer with an inquiry about Pesola Spring Balance Scales the other day suddenly had me reminiscing about my PhD fieldwork. One aspect of my research was looking at the availability and abundance of important insect-foods for northern bobwhite and other farmland birds in agricultural habitats in the southeastern United States. By relating the numbers and types of insects found in different crops to the growth and survival of bobwhite chicks that had been foraging in the same fields, we were able to assess the quality of different habitats used by bobwhite broods.

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Securing Equipment in the Field with Camo Python Cable Locks

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Positioning equipment in the field takes time and a considerable amount of effort. There is nothing worse than coming back to survey your equipment to find it has been moved or, even worse, stolen. This completely interferes with your results and could cost you a lot of money in damaged or missing equipment.

The good news is that Camo Python Cable Locks are a great way to secure your equipment to ensure its safety. They are ideal for use with trail cameras and any other equipment you may use that require a secure, camouflaged cable lock.

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Do Animals Have Personalities?

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A growing theme in animal behaviour research is the study of animal personality. Studying personality in animals may at first sound slightly counterintuitive, if not unscientific, but the term simply refers to different individuals of the same species showing consistent differences in their behaviour. By this definition, everyone with a pet has witnessed personality differences in action: just as with people, some birds are smarter than other birds; some fish are more aggressive than other fish; some dogs are more sociable than other dogs.

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