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Nordride 2215 GUARD 15W

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Rechargeable floodlight with motion detector and alarm functions. Totally portable alarm and floodlight.

The Nordride 2215 Guard is a unique rechargeable floodlight with motion detector and alarm functions. Ideal for situations where security is needed in a hurry.

  • Light function with three luminosity levels
    300lm / 650lm / 1300lm
  • Light function with motion detector
    Dual Sensor PIR & Radar
  • Strobe alarm function
    The strong glare, combined with flashing light, alarms, disorients and deceives.
  • Alarm signal function
    The loud and shrill signal is a deterrent.
  • Combined strobe & alarm signal
    Double the effect with a combination of visual and acoustic alarms.
  • Uniform illumination (lens technology)
  • Dust and water protected (IP67)
  • Can be charged while in use
  • For adult use only

Please note: This item is supplied with a USB charging cable but with an EU adapter plug. You will need to supply your own UK USB adapter plug.

Also available is the Nordride 7810 SOLAR PULSE for on the go solar charging.



300 / 650 / 1300 lumens

5000 Kelvin


Light duration light function:
8h 300lm / 4h 650lm / 1.5h 1300lm

PIR & Radar Sensor 0-10m

dB 86.5

IK 08

Battery Li-ION 3.7V 2600mAh


Weight 320g

Dimension: 52x139x88mm