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Sponsorship of the 2022 GWCT Big Farmland Bird Count

Sponsorship of the 2022 GWCT Big Farmland Bird Count

As part of our community and outreach programme, Perdix Wildlife Supplies were very honoured to sponsor an award for the 2022 GWCT Big Farmland Bird Count.

The GWCT Big Farmland Bird Count is a national bird survey run by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) each February. They ask farmers, gamekeepers and landowners to count and record the birds they see on their land and send the results back to the GWCT. The aim of the count is to encourage them to continue the important work already done and to show how this is helping to reverse the decline in numbers of many species. It also gives a vital national insight into bird populations and the health of the UK’s birdlife.

This year over 1900 farmers and land managers took part, counting over 420,000 individual birds which included 130 different species.


Perdix Wildlife Supplies are very pleased to be in partnership with the GWCT for their Big Farmland Bird Count and to sponsor a special award for recognition of long-term contribution to the count.

The winners were Overbury Enterprises, and were chosen by the GWCT for their commitment to the GWCT Big Farmland Bird Count – they have taken part every year since it began in 2014.

At the Game Fair at Ragley Hall in July, our Managing Director, Dave Butler, presented Penelope Bossom, Managing Partner at Overbury Enterprises, with the award and prizes.

They received 3 Perdix Farmland Feeders, 2 Perdix Nest Boxes and a Trail Camera

Penelope said “The beauty of taking part in the GWCT Big Farmland Bird Count is that it gives us an opportunity to get everyone together, from local people who love birds, to our farming and gardening teams, and it’s a great winter team building activity.”

We are very much looking forward to sponsoring the 2023 GWCT Big Farmland Bird Count.


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