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Putting Danner boots to the test...Wildlife managers and scientists in the UK put the Danner Sierra hand-made boot to the test in a variety of landscapes. Read how they got on here...

Outdoor footwear for all day wear in all weather

Two game/wildlife managers and a wildlife ecologist each put a pair of US-made Danner Sierra boots through their paces while out and about. Handmade for the game hunter market in the US, Danner boots are synonymous with durability and quality over the Pond, but aren’t well known in the UK. UK supplier Perdix Wildlife Supplies wants to change that, believing these boots are perfect for hard-working wildlife professionals in all landscapes across the country.

Designed as a three-season boot, the ‘Sierra’ boots are constructed using a mix of Cordura and full-grain leather on top of a lightweight but sturdy Vibram outsole. Although Danner makes full-leather boots including the Danner Canadian Boots, Danner Hood Winter Light Boots and Danner Trophy Boots, the Danner Sierra Boots, along with the Danner Grouse Boots, use a Cordura fabric design as it has a high resistance to scuffs, abrasions and tears – essential for an outdoor work boot.

Wildlife ecologist Mike Short, says: “I really like the green Gore-Tex/brown leather design and it makes the boots smart enough for a country lad to wear on most occasions.”

A Gore-tex liner makes the boots completely waterproof, and is also breathable allowing moisture to flow the other way. Only the best will do for Danner – no cheap imitation waterproofing here. The warmth comes from 200g Thinsulate insulation, which is lightweight but keeps out the cold even in snow. Full-time Shropshire gamekeeper Jon Fuller likes the fact that they don’t leak like other boots with fabric uppers that he’s tried before. “The Danner Sierras have been waterproof on early morning rounds when the grass has been wet and has dried off during the day. They have been comfortable to wear all day. The waterproof quality has stood up in serious rain,” he told us.

Danner Boots UK Perdix Wildlife Supplies

Charlie Mellor, game/wildlife manager likes the fact that they are excellent work wear, are comfortable, sturdy and waterproof: “I could wear them all day and all year round.”

Danner has chosen the Vibram 1276 Sierra outsole for grip and shock-absorption, and as such it performs particularly well over rough and steep terrain. The sole uses a rubber compound that provides good traction on wet and dry surfaces. All our testers agreed that the boots were extremely comfortable and could be worn for long periods of time. Jon said: “They are lightweight so easy to wear all day and have good ankle support.”

Mike agreed: “The Danner boots are without doubt one of the most comfy pair of field boots I’ve worn. They are lightweight, waterproof and offer great support around the ankle, without feeling cumbersome as other field boots often do. The insoles are particularly comfy and it rather feels like stepping into slippers than a rugged boot.”

These Sierra boots are handcrafted to provide a wider platform, giving greater stability than other boots and they use a stitch-down construction for which Danner has become legendary

Although not in the budget category, the Sierras come with a full year’s warranty for peace of mind. They can also be sent back to base for re-stitching or repair, which makes them more cost-effective. And if you’re out and about all day, quality and comfort are likely to be high on your list and Danner boots will not disappoint.

Charlie summarised his verdict on the Danner Sierras: “They do everything they say they can.”

Like Mike, Jon felt that putting them on for the first time felt “like a pair of slippers”, so comfortable he found them to be. He said he’d tried “nearly every pair of boots on the market” and these are “as good as anything I’ve had so far”.

PERDIX has a reputation for stocking the best kit that's been tried and tested. Dr Dave Butler, founder of PERDIX, commented that “the quality of Danner Boots fits perfectly with our brand and ethos. We are really excited to be stocking their boots for our clients, particularly those in the game and wildlife professions, to enjoy on a daily basis while in the field.” For more details on Danner boots  please contact Perdix Wildlife Supplies either via our contact form or call us on +44 (0) 1789 336123.

Danner Boots UK. Available from Perdix Wildlife Supplies
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