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IoT technology helps keep Ireland fisheries safe

IoT technology helps keep Ireland fisheries safe

Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) is using the PerdixPro remote monitoring system to great effect to help prevent illegal activity on the waterways where it has jurisdiction.

IFI is broadly equivalent to England’s Environment Agency, in that it is a state agency responsible for conserving the inland fishery and sea angling resource in the Republic of Ireland. Although Ireland’s waterways may be privately owned, illegal activity on them is down to IFI to sort out. Illegal activity may be anything from minor offences such as illegal fishing, to serious breaches of environmental law such as removing important gravel from river beds at spawning time.

IFI has around 340 staff covering the waterways in the whole of the Republic of Ireland, so they are thinly spread and extra surveillance through use of technology can help greatly. As Owen Kelly of the IFI says: “The remote cameras work 24/7 without needing breaks and they cost less than 300 euros each, which is far less than employing someone to do that work.”

Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) is using the PerdixPro remote monitoring system to great effect to help prevent illegal activity on the waterways where it has jurisdiction.

The PerdixPro system consists of remote motion-sensing cameras and other cellular connected devices that are monitored using a secure online portal and app that has been specifically designed by Perdix Digital software engineers.

The crucial thing about the PerdixPro camera tool, as Owen explains, is its ability to conform to GDPR legislation: “Using a system that did not conform to GDPR was out of the question.” PerdixPro was designed to help users meet their GDPR obligations when it comes to remote monitoring.

How the PerdixPro monitoring system works is thus: the cameras are motion-sensitive taking images when activated. The images are sent immediately to the PerdixPro secure online platform where the operator (in this case the IFI staff responsible) can view them via their portal or app. If required, the system can then send an alert (via email and/or SMS) to the operator that new images have been received. The operator can also remotely set the camera to erase images immediately or at scheduled times from the camera’s SD card. This means that should the SD card get into the wrong hands, no images will be on it. One operator can monitor a fleet of cameras across multiple sites, with the PerdixPro platform keeping tabs on exactly which images have come from which camera and location.

Some images taken on the PerdixPro system for IFI have been used directly to convict criminals. But mainly IFI deploys the cameras where it suspects illegal activity so that its personnel can be deployed more efficiently in apprehending the criminals.

There is a necessity to warn of CCTV presence with notices and signs, so people know they may be being watched. Although the cameras can be easily concealed with various camouflage, the odd one is tampered with or goes missing. But Owen says this hasn’t been a major issue in the three years IFI has used the system compared with the level of information PerdixPro provides for the costs involved.

So effective has he found the PerdixPro system that Owen has been promoting it to other official bodies that have come up against the GDPR issue, for example the equivalent fisheries body in Northern Ireland and other law enforcers.

Owen has been particularly impressed by the after-sales care that Perdix Digital provides and the company’s willingness to integrate feedback into their ongoing development and improvement of the PerdixPro remote-monitoring system. IFI has worked closely with Perdix Digital to help suggest new features that would be useful for its work; as Owen says: “this makes the PerdixPro system better for other users too.” He also adds: “There is always someone at the end of the phone to provide friendly advice and support.”

Two Perdix Pro-enabled camera models that currently available at different price points, BG710-M 4G and MG984G-36M. More information on the PerdixPro system is available here. To talk through your precise needs, contact PERDIX who will be delighted to help.

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